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by Dave
feat. Burna Boy

The tempo-delay effect on the synth stabs during the second half of this track (from 2:10) initially sounded like a simple eighth-note ping-pong — in other words, an eighth-note tap on the right, a quarter-note on the left, a dotted quarter-note on the right, and a half-note on the left. However, the third tap (on the right) seems quieter than the fourth (on the left), a slightly disconcerting effect you couldn’t really achieve with a simple feedback delay in ping-pong mode. Neither could you pull this off with separate left-channel and right-channel feedback delays. Yes, it’d work for the left channel, because a quarter-note feedback delay would provide both the quarter-note and half-note echoes, but the necessary eighth-note delay in the right channel would also produce a quarter-note echo when its feedback was turned up, and that’s not in evidence here. Sounds like a job for a dedicated multi-tap delay plug-in…