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Not Letting Go

by Tinie Tempah
feat. Jess Glynne

Vocal delay spins are nothing new. Indeed, ever since in–the–box mixing took hold, every man and his dog seems to have been tarting up the ends of sung phrases by riding up the echoes. Those wanting extra value also frequently differentiate the delays from the dry sound by panning them somewhere different and maybe processing their return channel with some kind of EQ or even distortion. But the vocal spin on the words “right track” here (at 0:31) is a little special because not only are the two echoes panned to create a ‘ping–pong’ effect and heavily filtered to adjust their tone, but the second delay tap has also been pitch–shifted upward a third or so, independently of the first. Worth all that effort for such a fleeting moment? Well, I certainly did a double–take myself, and I can’t believe I’m the only one whose fancy was so tickled.