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Like a lot of club tracks, this tune takes full advantage of extravagant, kick-triggered pumping effects. Whatever method you use to create these in your mix system, there are two critical variables that need to be refined: the amount of ducking on each kick hit, and the timing of the gain-reset curve between the kits. What intrigues me about this Sean Kingston record is that I wonder whether he might have misjudged the latter setting. Specifically, it feels to me as if the synths rise up a bit too early after each drum hit, either because the release curve is generally too short, or (more likely, I suspect) because the release curve doesn’t quite suit the music. (If it was a compressor responsible, I’d personally have tried a few other models, because different designs can vary a great deal in this respect.) It’s no big deal during the choruses, because the vocals are mostly covering the effect, but elsewhere the overall pulse feels a bit bogged down by the pumping action, as if the tempo’s dragging slightly. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Have a listen for yourself to decide where you stand — the first verse (0:17-0:48) should make up your mind one way or the other.