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Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)

by Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo

This track caught my ear on account of some nice rhythm-programming moments. For example, an utterly pedestrian four-to-the-floor kick-drum pattern is redeemed by two small variations: the eighth-note downbeat offset first heard at 0:28, reminiscent of a reggae one-drop; and the muted fourth beat which first occurs at 0:33. Both of these occur another couple of times during the arrangement, but never predictably enough that they fail to provide a welcome little moment of surprise – especially when they’re concatenated during the final choruses at 2:35. I also like the lazy-sounding tom fill first heard at 1:05, which also repeats twice more, the final instance coinciding (natch!) with the kick-drum variations at 2:35.

That is a truly hideous GM synth-sax lead hook, though. Ooof! Pity the poor producers who had to listen to that for days. I’ve got a pretty thick skin, but I think I might have seriously considered throttling myself with my own phone-charger cable…