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This Girl

by Kungs Vs Cookin' On 3 Burners

The highlight of this rather scattergun production for me is the variety of extrovert reverb-style characters on offer, which consistently tickle the ear with new spatial characters: the ‘airport terminal’ vibe of the guitar’s diffuse echoes in the opening bars; the verse vocal’s subway-tunnel ambience at 0:08 and the sudden recirculating delay spin on “girl” at 0:39; the pre-delayed reverb ‘warehouse slapback’ bouncing back off the brass riff from 1:01; and the shaky retro sustain tail on the percussion backbeat at 1:27.

Reverb and delay effects are so often relegated to supportive background roles in many commercial styles, but this production reminds us how much of an impact they can make as foreground features in their own right, once you throw caution to the winds and fade them up!